We at DAN MOI are constantly searching for new unheard sounds and musical instruments. Within the category “percussion” we gather a variety of exciting percussion and effect instruments which invite to discover and try out. Among the more than 100 musical instruments musical novices but also professionals will find many sound producers which are (still) rather situated in the margins of the common music world. But we do have some standard musical instruments as well in our range, such as Frame Drums, Djembé, Stirring Xylophones, and shakers/rattles. We hope to present a few surprising moments with our catalogue, maybe even an expedition through the universe of idiophones and membranophones.

We made a few recordings with each instrument. The sound examples and demo videos of the single instruments are to provide easier guidance through our collection. Here is a little guideline telling you where to find which percussion instruments on our website. If you still have problems finding the right instrument for your own intention, do not hesitate to call us or send us a message.

Many of the instruments in this category are suitable for children or for usage in early musical education and music pedagogy in general. At first it is worth looking at the sections: sounding animals, shakers, rattles, and little bells. The special thing about the “sounding animals” is that they have the shape of a frog, a bird, a dolphin, a fish, or of a cricket, and at the same time they can be used as musical instruments. They combine playing techniques and sound characteristics of ratchets and tonewoods. It is easy to coax a tone out of them which sounds high, clear, and wooden (when beating the sounding animals), or like the muffled call of a frog (when stroking the wooden edges with a stick). While browsing, one can find many more instruments appropriate for a child such as triangles, tambourines, stirring xylophones, ratchets, small shakers, or sundry rattles filled with seeds.

One of the most popular percussion instruments is certainly the drum. Our shaman drums are probably a rarity. At DAN MOI you can find models made in Indonesia, but also made in Siberia. The simple shamanic drums are covered with goat skin or calf skin. They are solid instruments with a beautiful sound. The one who is searching for something special may be referred to the instruments from Siberia/Russland. They are handmade by a female instrument maker who produces drums for Shamans and shamanic ceremonies. They are made in an elaborate way and follow shamanic principles.

Metal percussion instruments are also an inherent part of our collection. Besides sound bowls and bells, gongs and cymbals are primarily applied, not just for meditation, but also to render a Far Eastern touch to each musical piece.

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