Wooden & Bamboo Percussion

Wood and bamboo are living, natural materials which are often used for making musical instruments. In our "percussion" category, you will find drums made of wood, such as the Cajón or the wooden Darbuka. You will find shaker pads and classical tonewoods. Sound animals made from the wood of the jackfruit tree can be found at DAN MOI in many different variants. They enable animal sounds to be imitated but they can also be played as tonewoods. Some of the sound animals are made up of two or three sounds, similar to a simple xylophone. Children can approach music playfully by trying out the different tones of the sound animals. In pre-school music education, the sound animals are often used to demonstrate the difference between high and low tones.

A sound animal is a hollowed-out piece of wood shaped on the outside to resemble a fish, bird or frog. The wooden bodies are played by striking them with a small wooden striker. When you strike the wooden body, it sounds as clear as the sound of tonewoods. If you run the striker over the ribbed surface of the sound animal, you get a rasping tone similar to that of a Guiro. No rare woods are used to make these instruments, only wood from the jackfruit tree, which grows back sustainably. The surface of the sound animals is treated with vegetable oil.

The handy flat shakers are rather novel, contemporary musical instruments which allow plenty of scope for experimentation: the flat shakers can be used as rhythmic rattles but they can also be used to create exciting effects and sound similar to a "rainstick". You can strike the surface of the flat shaker to create a rhythmic effect and combine the various snare, rattle and bass effects. The bigger siblings of the shaker pads are the classical Cajón and the mobile "traveller Cajón" for on the road.

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