The Duduk is one of the oldest double-reed instruments. Its unique melancholic-nasal sound has accompanied traditional rites and ceremonies of peoples living in the region of today’s Armenia and the Caucasus for more than 1500 years.

Although the Duduk is known as an original Armenian instrument, it has long been played all over the world. The Duduk does not only appear in Armenian folk and art music, but is used as a solo instrument in film music, world music, and even in video games. In 2005, the Duduk and its music were listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Our professional, signed Duduks come directly from a personally chosen master’s workshop in Yerevan, Armenia. The apricot wood they are made of is boiled for two weeks in an elaborate process and then stored to dry for several years. The Duduk mouthpiece (Ghamish) with the double-reed completes this traditional woodwind instrument. The Duduk has eight finger holes and a thumb hole and has a diatonic scale. When keeping some of the holes half open, you can also play chromatically, too.

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