Singing Bowls

We offer our singing bowls for all those among you who seek balance and relaxation through meditation, yoga, Feng Shui or similar methods . The hovering tone of the singing bowl helps you to find your inner balance. Singing bowls come in various sizes and are made from a variety of alloys. The type of alloy affects the composition of the harmonics, and thus the total sound resonance. DAN MOI supplies singing bowls in bronze such as the Arhat singing bowls or the heavier Sakya singing bowls from Nepal and the Zen singing bowls made from an alloy of seven different metals. The heavier they are and the larger in diameter, the lower is the sound they produce. For playing the singing bowls, we supply leather strikers and friction clappers as well as softer strikers for crystal singing bowls.

Singing bowls can be played in at least two different ways: by hitting from outside with the striker or by drawing the clapper (almost vertically) along the outside of the edge. In the second version, a long, sustained sound can be created and varied by changing the speed and pressure. But simply striking it produces an impressively sustained tone.

From our wide range of mallets you can individually choose the mallet that suits you and your singing bowl.

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