Foot Percussion

You’ve got your hands full when playing music, but still want more? We know this quite well as jaw harp players, percussionists, wind players and other ‘mouth players’. To finally have more freedom in sound and more rhythmic possibilities when playing a solo or in an ensemble, we struck off to answer a long-standing wish – the wish for more rhythm at the foot.

In cooperation with a regional percussion manufactory we created a small but fine collection of percussion instruments for your feet or shoes. When all hands are already busy with playing again, you have the possibility to add more rhythmic accents with those. There is a perfect solution for all those who want to have more fun and beat with their feet.

  • stable and easy to fix
  • small and punchy
  • variable in sound and combinable
  • made in Germany

Whether shaker or bell, in pairs or combined; whether attached to the heel or the shoelace; whether left or right or on both shoes – the variations are manifold.

Just affix it to the shoe with a clip – it is fast, makes fun and keeps your hands free.

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