The Moseño is a flute from the Andes. Its sound is impressive and the elegant way it is being played equals the cross flute. Other cross flutes from South America as the Quenas and Sikus (panpipes) have found their way into the music world beyond the South American continent and are much more popular. But they are not so easy to handle. The Moseño, on the other hand, can be quickly learned and is easy to play. The airy, warm, gentle sound of this fine instrument casts a spell over its audience. There are people saying the Moseño is somewhat magic. It is being used in the most diverse music styles and is a companion during Yoga, Reiki, or meditation sessions.

Yet, the Moseño is an insider tip among flute fans. Its sound range comprehends two octaves. It is diatonically tuned and being played sideways. The tone is effortlessly formed as one is blowing into an air pipe, that is similar to an internal duct flute like the recorder. Traditionally, the Moseño is being played in Bolivia. There it’s been part of the Immaterial Cultural Heritage of La Paz for a number of years now. Since the Moseño does not belong to the “mainstream of the Andes”, there are only a few instrument makers that produce really good instruments.

That is why we at DAN MOI are even more delighted to offer well-tuned instruments of supreme quality. Our Moseños are made of European bamboo that can handle the domestic climate and therefore the material does not warp. Overall, we offer a portfolio of instruments with four different basic tunes. At the DAN MOI web shop there is an audio tune and several pictures for every instrument. If you would like to know more about our rarity from the Andes you are invited to read our blog article.

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