A Mouth Harp in a Bronson Movie

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A Mouth Harp in a Bronson Movie - A Mouth Harp in a Bronson Movie

Seeing a jaw harp in a movie is a rare moment: In the first scene of his film "You Cant Win 'Em All" (1970) Charles Bronson is passing some time by playing a jaw harp. Sound-wise, it’s not too fancy. That’s a bit of a shame as in the movie “Once Upon a Time in the West” Bronson makes an appearance as a harmonica playing gunslinger, and with the huge success of this Western there is hardly someone who doesn’t know the melody of the “Man with the Harmonica”. Would be nice, to see a jaw harp in an equal famous spot.

Bronson’s brief appearance with a jaw harp is occasion enough for us to commemorate the silent Hollywood hero. On 3rd November Charles Bronson would have been 96 years old.

No wind for sailing: in it´s first appearance Bronson plays his mouth harp quite bored, trying to kill time (00:30 min). Bronson takes up the jaw harp a second time, content with his latest business (03:34 min).

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