Hokema Kalimbas

The musical instrument maker Peter Hokema has been successfully crafting high quality  instruments since 1985 in Germany. Hokema's Kalimbas and Sansulas are an innovative further development of traditional African instruments. Hokema's instruments are handcrafted to a high standard and the tines are precisely tuned. In terms of sound quality, the Hokema Kalimbas and Sansulas set new standards. It is so easy to play wonderful harmonious and enchanting melodies and music on them. Their relaxing sound can be described as soft and warm.


Many of the instruments from the Hokema are tuned pentatonically. This means that the tones are tuned in such a way that they match well each other and that it is easy that anyone can immediately play and improvise without hitting "wrong notes", even without prior knowledge. Thus, these instruments are also very suitable for beginners.

These Kalimbas and Sansulas usually have 5 to 9 reeds. For some models there are various pre-tuned scales available. For melody playing there are further models with 11, 15 or 17 tines, tuned in C major or G major. Moreover, all Kalimbas and Sansulas can be easily retuned and retuned.

Hokema Kalimba

The robust and handy Kalimbas are especially recommended for travelling. The reeds are carefully mounted on a sound block made of solid American cherry, which serves as a resonating body. Its surfaces are treated with vegetable oils. They are already fairly audible this way. However, if they are placed on a smooth surface, such as the drumhead, a table top or another piece of furniture, the volume can be increased even more.

Hokema Sansula

Peter Hokema developed the Sansula in 2001 as an enhancement of the Kalimba. The resonator of the Sansula is a small frame drum, so to speak, a drum membrane stretched on a wooden ring. The Sansulas have a more voluminous sound than the classical Kalimbas. They also allow for numerous tonal extensions, such as a slight bending, the pulling of notes when the sansula is placed on the lap or placed on a table and raised and lowered sideways. So if you are looking for something special, the Sansula is just right for you. The Sansula is available in the Basic, Renaissance and Deluxe models, which differ in the material of the drumhead.

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