The New York Times wrote this about a concert given by the Chinese Jew's harp virtuoso Wang Li: "Wang Li educes futuristic sounds from the simplest of instruments. He plays all possible types

The Dan Moi jew's harps from Vietnam are characterized by being skillfully handmade in filigree craftsmanship. The split between reed and frame which is significantly responsible for a jaw harps

Immerse Yourself in the World of the Trümpi with Anton Bruhin -

The Swiss Anton Bruhin is one of the most experimental musicians and experts of the jew's harps community. A person who thinks and rethinks the instrument for over 40 years in new, surprising

Mindigafur Zainetdinov shows a tremolo on the Bashkirian Kubyz -

As soon as Mindigafur Zainetdinov picks up one of his jew's harps, a smile flits across his face. With his back ramrod-straight and standing with his feet apart, he takes up his position in front of

The Strange Sound of Happiness: Diego Pascal Panarello follows the mystic power of the jaw harp -

Finally, there is a new flick about the mouth harp out. Sicilian movie maker Diego Pascal Panarello was working more than 7 years on “The Strange Sound of Happiness”. The fantasy documentary celebrated its world premiere at the DOK Festival 2017 in Leipzig , Germany. DAN MOI met Diego in the foyer of the cinema in Leipzig only minutes away from the start of the premiere. He is not only revealing his jaw harp collection on the bar table in front of us, but is also revealing some exciting legends such as the connection of the jaw harp to the mafia, the story of losing his favourite jaw harp and naturally his first personal encounter with those items that take away all sorrows.

Still we make it only to be broadcasted in the local public station, but well, we like to see reports about us in TV. The report is in German only, but you can see Clemens and Roxi playing jew's