A look over the shoulder of jew\'s harp maker Petr Osipov -

Petr Fedotovich Osipov has been fascinated by the jew's harp for as long as he can remember. Already as a child, he sat with musicians who picked up their khomus, the jew's harp of the Yakut people

Goayandi opens the Boom Festival 2014 with a Jaw Harp -

Our friends of the French "natural Goa" band Goayandi did have the privilege to open this year's Boom Festival in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal with several ten thousand guests. We know very well that

Fair trade is part of the DAN MOI concept -

DAN MOI is an interface for musical instruments and primarily for Jew's harps from various parts of the world. Musicians from numerous countries around the world rely on our range of wind,

The Jew\'s Harp collection of DAN MOI at the Ancient Trance Festival 2014 -

It is probably the largest buyable jew's harp collection that has been displayed by DAN MOI at the 7th Ancient Trance Festival (Aug 8-10) in Taucha near Leipzig (Germany). Accordingly crowed

The Norwegian Jew\'s Harp Festival 2014 -

This year's Norwegian Munnharpe (Jew's Harp) Festival will take place from September 19th till 21st in the Gamlehorten Gjestegård in Karljohansvern, Horten. More information you can find on