Queen of the flutes: the bass flute Fujara - The bass flute Fujara from Slovakia as the queen of the world´s flutes.

In 1995 during the opening celebrations of the cultural centre of the Slovakian town of Detva, the president of the parliament of Slovakia and the later president Ivan Gašparovič, gave a memorable present at the reception. Gašparovič played on the bass flute Fujara that has the height of a man. What more is the Fujara than a symbol of national sovereignty of Slovakia?

The acoustics of the jaw harp: Robert Vandré and the fascination of jaw harp physics - The acoustics of the jaw harp: Robert Vandré and the fascination of jaw harp physics

There are only a few studies about acoustic parameters of the jaw harp. Robert Vandré is publishing a website that is one of the few sources that comprehensively analyse the sound properties of the jaw harp based on substantiated figures. That is why it is a treasure for instrument researchers and acousticians, but at the same time for all that are seeking a better understanding about the functionality of the instrument. Helen Hahmann from DAN MOI met Robert Vandré in 2017 at the Ancient Trance Festival in Taucha.

Amazing jaw harp music: Rock, Pop, Jazz - Playlist with amazing jaw harp music in Rock, Pop and Jazz

Is the jaw harp an instrument for dreamers? Is it an instrument for good-humoured people? Is it an instrument for curious sound hunters, experimental music lovers and noise enthusiasts? We were digging in the archives and want to share with you music of Meredith Monk, Sainko Namtchylak, Leonard Cohen, Daniel Higgs, Stiller Has, Dizzy Gillespie and other notable harper.

 The Strange Sound of Happiness: Diego Pascal Panarello follows the mystic power of the jaw harp -  New Jaw Harp Movie. The Strange Sound of Happiness. Diego Pascal Panarello follows the mystic power of the jaw harp.

Finally, a new flick about the mouth harp! Sicilian movie maker Diego Pascal Panarello was working more than 7 years on “The Strange Sound of Happiness”. The fantasy documentary celebrated its world premiere at the DOK Festival 2017 in Leipzig, Germany. For DAN MOI Diego is revealing some exciting legends such as the connection of the jaw harp to the mafia, and he talks about his first personal encounter with those items that take away all sorrows.

Taucha is magnetic – the city near Leipzig attracts jaw harps - Taucha is magnetic. The city near Leipzig attracts jaw harps.

One wonders whether Taucha is the source of a secret magnetism that attracts jaw harps. Since 2014 there has been a trophy in Taucha, which symbolically awards the town near Leipzig the title “World Centre of the Jaw Harp”. There are good reasons for that recognition, that we will be highlighted in this article: a mouth harp festival, the world market leader for jaw harps and various mouth harp masters – after almost 20 years the city of Taucha became an important interface for the world´s mouth harp community.

The Moseño Flute: A Rarity from the Andes - The Moseño Flute is a Rarity from the Andes.

The Moseño flute is a very special, spherical instrument. Flute players appreciate the instrument for its warm, light sound that is able to spread genuine, meditative tranquility. The Moseño is easy to learn: with its six grip holes and an easy to use mouth piece it doesn’t require practising for years. DAN MOI talked to the Argentinean musician Pablo Salcedo from the group Markama about that beautiful flute with its smooth, humming tone.