Gopichand - Ektara - Vedic plucking drum

The Gopichand, also known as Gopi Yantra, Ektara, Iktar or Yaktaro, is one of the oldest stringed instruments of Northern India. In today's Bangladesh and Pakistan it is very common, and so are many instruments related to it.

It has a single string which is attached to two truss rods, usually made of bamboo. By pressing them together, the tension of the string changes and the player can continuously modulate the sounds. In addition, a small cylinder with a skin membrane at the bottom serves as soundboard. It is now mostly made ??of wood, but in some "subspecies" also of metal or the shells of a coconut or a pumpkin. Therefore, the Gopichand can also be classified as a plucking drum, stick zither or monochord.

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