Charming Wind Chimes

Chimes and wind chimes provide each place with a special atmosphere. They are often hung up on houses or in gardens, in Asia also on pagodas and temples. Chimes are the visible and audible symbol for balance, calmness, and concentration. They are believed to have the power of keeping away evil spirits, bad energies, and misfortune from a household or other places. Chimes are lucky charms and a source of energy. Their sound is used in Feng Shui to stimulate vital energy. DAN MOI offers high quality Koshi and Zaphir chimes.

The wind chimes by Koshi are all handmade. They are produced at the Koshi-workshop at the foot of the Pyrenees in France. These chimes are available in four different tunings: Inside the shell there are eight claves which are respectively tuned according to the four elements: earth, fire, water, and air. The shell of these chimes is made of bamboo treated with vegetable oil. That way it looks untreated and natural. Koshi wind chimes are neatly tuned musical instruments which are set in motion by the wind. Thereby they produce a pleasant sound which is rich in overtones and crystal clear. All of the four differently tuned wind chimes are randomly combinable with each other. Their sounds always harmonize.

The wind chimes by Zaphir are striking by the play of colors on their barrel. The shell is available in different color combinations. Zaphir wind chimes are also known as Shanti wind chimes. There are five different tunings: Crystalide, Sunray, Twilight, Sufi, and Blue Moon. They can all be listened to on the webpage of DAN MOI. The Zaphir wind chimes are also outstanding by their high quality of sound.

Although they are not made of metal, we have included these beautiful wind chimes made of Capiz shells in the DAN-MOI range. Not only the delicate sound of our shell chimes convinces, but also their environmentally friendly production. The thin sound discs are pressed from shell remains, which protects the Capiz shell population. Even a light breath of air elicits its gentle tones from the shimmering shell plates. With a little breeze inside or outside you will be taken on a jouney: to the rustling sea,to swaying palm trees, into a whispering forest, to an idyllic mountain lake... there are no limits to one's own imagination.

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