Mouth Harp Festivals - Calendar 2020

DAN MOI Clemens Voigt & Sven Otto GbR
Mouth Harp Festivals - Calendar 2020 - Mouth Harp Festivals - Calendar 2020

24-26 January Klangen før fela 2020, NO

1-2 February Parmupillifestival, EST

8-10 May Gjovik Music Week, NO – canceled

25-27 June North American Jaw Harp Festival, USA  canceled

Juny Marranzano World Fest 2020, I – canceled

24-25 July Le Reve de l´Aborigene, FR  canceled

6-9 August Ancient Trance Festival, D – postponed to Aug 5-8, 2021

August Krutushka Festival, RU – back in 2021

September Norwegian Jew´s Harp Festival, NO does not take place in 2020

11-13 September Marranzano World Fest 2020, IT

19 September Erstes Wiener Maultrommel Festival, AT – canceled

30 November Khomus Day (International Day of Mouth Harps), RU

29-30 December Global Vibes Festival, HU – canceled

The Mouth Harp Festival Calendar 2020 will be updated regularly. Unfortunately, due to the Corona pandemic, most of the festivals mentioned will probably be cancelled this year.

January 2020

24.-26. January Klangen før fela 2020, NO

Klangen før fela takes place in Oslo. You´ll find workshops for beginners and advanced mouth harp (munnharpe) players teached by Tom Willy Rustad and Bernhard Folkestad et al. Further more the festival offers workshops in joik and kveding singing, playing the Bukkehorn, the seljefløyte flute and the zither langeleik. You´ll also meet the jaw harp blacksmith Simen Roheim Iversen. For more information and registration please visite the festivals website Klangen før fela.

February 2020

1.-2. February Parmupillifestival, EST

Parmupilli is the estonian word for jaw harp. At the Parmupillifestival in Tallin you have the chance to meet up with Estonian jaw harp players like Cätlin Mägi, Juhan Suits, Katariin Raska and blacksmith Priit Moppel. The festival offers lectures, workshops, concerts and an exhibition of estonian mouth harps. More information are published on the Facebookpage of the Parmupillifestival.

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