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In this category you will find bells of different types and cymbals. Pairs of cymbals are available in a variety of diameters from 5.5 to 13 cm, whereby the smallest are about the same size as biscuits and the largest about as big as a saucer. They are suitable for giving rhythmical structure to music and for accompanying meditations. The cymbals are often played in Indian music. There, they are known under various names, such as Manjira (or Manjeera). Anyone looking for a larger version is advised to check out the Vietnamese hand cymbals which have a diameter of up to 25 cm. They emit a full sound which is rich in harmonics.

From Africa, we can supply the Agogó and Apitua iron bells and the Grello finger bell. The Apitua is like a metallic variant of a tonewood. The instrument rests in the hand and is played with an iron striker. The Grello finger bell is played with one hand. A metal ring over the thumb strikes the bell which is held with the index finger. Hard to imagine? Just take a look at our demo video. Most people probably know the Agogó – an instrument which is indispensable to Brazilian and Cuban music.

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