Daf & Doira

The frame drums Daf and Doira (or Daira) are particularly common in Central Asia, Iran and the Middle East. Here they play a central role at festivals and ritual celebrations.And often they are there in large ensembles. While the Daf is traditionally played by men in public, female musicians drum on the Doira for their female listeners. Today these rigid traditions are disappearing and male solo artists perform with the Doira, just as women play with the Daf. But still the spiritual connection of this probably oldest drum can still be seen. The animal kingdom is symbolized by the coat, the plants by the frame and the world of minerals by the metal rings.

The percussive sound ranges from the delicate and subtle to the nuanced and voluminous. This achieves this frame drum through the innumerable small metal rings, which are fastened inside to the frame and during the play partly powerful beat against the skin.

Our Dafs come directly from Iran and are handmade, like our Doiras, which come from Uzbekistan.

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