Shaman's Drums

The powerful bass tone of a shaman’s drum is not only perceived acoustically, the rhythm can also be sensed physically. Therefore in Siberia the Shaman’s drum Dungur is one of the central objects in shamanic ceremonies. Its sound mediates between men in “this” world and an entity in the “other”, non-material world. Shamans do not regard the drum as a musical instrument but as a medium for spiritual ceremonies. You can find these impressive instruments at DAN MOI. They were made by an instrument maker in Siberia, where they are also played by shamans.

Outside of the Siberian shamanism the Dungur is also a popular percussion instrument. On stage the shaman’s drums convince through their voluminous sound and their physical presence. At the DAN MOI shop you can also find models with high quality which are produced in Germany and covered with calf skin; and more reasonably priced, but not less well-sounding frame drums covered with goat skin.

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