Birdcalls & Animal Imitation

The animal world, which covers more than 1.3 million species, is probably one of the most riches in sounds in this world. Barely one animal is really mute, and in most cases we are able to perceive their ways of communication with our own ears.

We have always been fascinated by this variety and richness of sound, and have always been searching for instruments and instrument makers who can put these sounds into shape. A small traditional manufactory in France, produces animal sounds with homegrown wood in a way that promises very high quality. Materials such as rubber or plastic are only used if absolutely necessary for the sound generation.

Predominantly we have chosen animal sounds of the European fauna for you. These can eminently be played for imitating, setting to a tune, accentuating, and accompanying. But they also, quite onomatopoetically, invite you – and this provides great pleasure – to discover sound completely individually.

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