Save Svein Westad - Munnharpas Verden
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Svein Westad - Munnharpas Verden

Traditional and contemporary Jew's Harp compositions from Norway, Ireland, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Japan, India and Kyrgyzstan performed by four of the famous Jew's Harp virtuosos of the world: Svein Westad, Leo Tadagawa, Tran Quang Hai and John Wright - an explosive charge, a masterpiece!

The detailed booklet informs about the Norwegian Jew's Harp tradition.

Origin Norway
CD Genre Folklore
Datenträgertyp Audio CD
Runtime 73:19:00
Year 2001

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Availability: In stock | Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 10-30 days

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Track List:
01. Skjoldmøyslaget
02. Sordølen
03. Fiskaren
04. Veum'en
05. Springar E. Olav Oreholti
06. Munnharpevalsen
07. Masurka E. Olav Aukrust
08. My Love Is in America
09. Frost Is All Over
10. Cuckoo's Nest
11. Gamalstev
12. Besteland'en
13. Vandringen
14. Gangar E. Tarkjel Aslakson Austad
15. Hôm Nay Toi Di Choi, Vui Ghe!
16. Balinese Genggong Solo
17. Em Mai la Em Be Viet Nam
18. Munnharpetone Fra Rajahstan
19. Kirgisisk Folketone
20. Ker Özöne
21. Det Va'ei Gamal Kjering
22. Springar E. Embrik Beitohaugen
23. Sea Cucumber
24. On a Festive Day
25. Wandering Bear
26. Skripalåtten
27. Fossegrimen
28. Frå Morgon Te' Kveld
29. Jew's Harp Waves

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