Jaw Harp Playing Instructions and Protection Blocks

Jaw Harp Protection Blocks

If you buy a Jaw Harp from DAN MOI and it does not have its own case or protection block, we will send you your Jaw Harp equipped with a protection block.

To protect the reed of the instrument, you should always clamp your Jaw Harp on the block when you want to carry it around in a bag, for example.

Short Playing Instructions for Jaw Harps

All our Dan Moi and Teeth Jaw Harps come with a short playing and care instruction, which describes how to conjure up the first sounds from the Jaw Harp.

This is especially important if you want to give the Jaw Harp as a gift, but don't know whether the recipient can play the Jaw Harp at all and you can't explain it yourself.

For further playing techniques, we also have the online playing instructions by Robert Vandré and his excellent Jaw Harp textbook.

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