We use the term maraca as a generic term for a range of rattling instruments, the so-called rumba shakers. You hold the instruments by a handle, and in the upper part is the body which is filled with dried fruits or ceramic balls. A hand movement suffices and the maraca sounds. It's so easy and this is why the maracas are so popular with children during pre-school music education. But maracas are also a distinctive rhythm instrument, e.g. for Latin-American music - played with precision, they give a piece of music that extra something. Maracas are often played in pairs, one in each hand.

At DAN MOI we have compiled a small selection of maracas made from a variety of materials, for example maracas from jackfruit wood, gourd, coconut and rattan, in order to offer as many sound colours as possible. With the Chekere (also spelled Shékere) we have a powerful rattle in our range, one which emits a natural, penetrating sound. It consists of a real gourd and a net containing dried seeds. The more dominating variant of the Chekere is the Cabasa made of metal and wood. In our webshop you will find sound examples for each maraca, so that you can decide for yourself which instrument sounds best to you.

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