Thelevi / Kashaka

Rediscover rhythm: with the Thelevi, the coordination of movement and rhythm is quite different to the usual percussion instruments. The Thelevi is a double ball rattle consisting of two spheric shakers joined by a cord. When playing, you hold one of the balls firmly in your hand and swing the second through the air on the cord.

The Thelevi basically enables two kinds of sound to be made: on the one hand, the rattle of the shaker filling in the balls and on the other hand the sound of the two striking together. Because of these two sounds, and when two Thelevis are played at the same time, incredibly complex polyrhythms can be created.

A hitherto little known instrument just waiting to be discovered - for rhythm fans and jugglers. The Thelevi comes originally from West Africa (Ghana) and has many other names, such as gourd rattle, Kashaka, Asalato, Aslatua and Patica.

At DAN MOI you will find high-quality Thelevi rattles from Japan and the classical instruments made from gourds, as played in West Africa.

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