Bird Calls & Sound Effects

Birdcalls & Effects - Unique Instruments & Sounds

"Cuckoo" or "chirp, chirp" are just two of the most familiar bird calls we know from our everyday lives. Since the beginning of human history, man has probably tried to imitate the melodious sounds and songs of birds and thus invented the first Instruments. And then also the sounds that do not imitate nature: music. In our bird songs and effect instruments section, you have a wide selection of whistles and effect instruments that can imitate the songs of birds.

Make the Birds Sound with Whistles & Flutes

You can create all kinds of sound effects with bird call whistles and effect devices. Birdcall whistles have their origins partly in hunting and were used to imitate the bird's voice to attract the animals. But you will also find imitation bird instruments for entertainment, they are perfect for making wild music. Our 'Vogelpfeiferl' bird whistles and Susu are especially popular with children, but they can also be used as serious Instruments.

Exceptional Sounds: Effect Instruments, Leaf Rattles and Whistles

Effect instruments such as clickers, thunder drums or leaf rattles are wonderful for adding sound to films, radio plays, podcasts and plays. The funny animal voice imitators, such as cow and sheep callers, are especially popular with young children. Back to the movies: the fictional company ACME appears in many comics and films. You will find extravagant and traditional whistles, police and locomotive whistles, flutes and sirens from England made by J Hudson & Co. under this term. Chacapa are traditional leaf rattles used in shamanic journeys, such as the Ayahuasca ceremony, to call transcendent spirit beings for support. Browse through our wide range now and listen to the sound samples!

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