Music Boxes

Popular Melodies With Colourful Designs

Producing sound by plucked metal tongues is definitely our passion. So of course, the music box
is a must at DAN MOI. Our musical boxes produce their melodies by using a rotating cylinder
whose pins are plucking the tuned teeth on a steel comb. The resonance board on which the
mechanism is installed helps to amplify the sound.
This mechanism is hidden in a lovingly decorated cardboard box with numerous designs by
well-known and less well-known artists. You will find music from different genres, from classical
to modern, as well as children's, Christmas and birthday songs in our music box assortment.
A great gift idea for young and old on the most diverse occasions!

Music Boxes - The First Mechanical Musical Instruments

A music box is also a journey into the past, when electricity and digital playlists were still
unknown. If you wanted to enjoy your favorite melodies in your own living room, you had to pick
up a musical instrument yourself or invite musicians. In 1796, Antoine Favre-Salomon, a
from Geneva, was the first to build a mechanical musical mechanism in which a
teeth comb made a melody sound with the help of a pinned wheel. He placed this small
mechanism mechanism in a snuff box that could fit in any waistcoat pocket. Soon musical boxes
came on the market in a wide variety of sizes, and since they were usually driven by a clockwork
mechanism, their manufacture was subject to the watchmakers. Switzerland, with its old
watchmaking tradition, remained the centre of music box production for a long time. Towards the
end of the 19th century, the small music boxes were also manufactured in German and American
factories and more and more people could now easily enjoy Music.

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